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What is Ji-Xpress?

Ji-Xpress is a 2D Custom Game Builder developed on Godot using GDScript and available as Open Source on GitHub. It will allow Game Developers to create Game Environments in which they can expose a Game Builder interface for their Game Players using the Godot Engine.

What makes Ji-Xpress different is that you can embed the Game Builder into your Godot Game project and totally customize how you want the Game Building experience to work. So in essence Ji-Xpress is a tool that allows you to define your own Game Building experience on the Godot Engine.

Ji-Xpress as Game Builder

You can develop an entire game of your own, then embed Ji-Xpress to handle building or customization of the game by your players. This can be done by creating different Game Levels or Game Scenes, Customization of Logic for these objects visually, and bundle the customized experiences into your gameplay. This can let you achieve experiences for your game simmilar to:

  1. Game Builder Garage.
  2. Super Mario Maker 2.
  3. Little Big Planet.

And much more.

Ji-Xpress as a Standalone

Ji-Xpress can also be developed as a standalone game builder, in which case you only develop the game objects and define ways to customize the game logic, and it presents the Game Building interface for that.

Read more about Ji-Xpress Standalone on the Ji-Xpress website.

Dev Release 1 Preview Video


  • Story - A single story is a single game project. Each game project is called a story.


  • Story Canvas Editor.
  • Support Multiple Story Scenes.
  • Intuitive Visual Coding Interface.
  • Multiple kinds of Story Packs that act as a foundation for each Story Project.
  • Manage Multiple Projects.

Standalone Documentation

Find the official product documentation here:



Ji-Xpress Interface

Ji-Xpress Interface


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